About Us

Mr. Lesly Malave moved to the Bronx, New York from Salinas Puerto Rico with his parents and family at a very young age. Growing up in the streets of the Bronx wasn’t always easy, But Lesly, better known now as Lefty learned to become a survivor. Through all the struggles Lefty has become the owner and CEO of a growing fashion line called Ytell. 
Growing up in the South Bronx in 80’s and early 90’s with an extremely high crime rate, there was a code many people lived by, "To mind your business”.
Ytell originated from this code. Throughout his life experiences, He  learned this goes far beyond just a code of the streets, it should be a motto used in day to day life. “Some things are left better unsaid”. 
He just started this with just an idea, a vision and 12 hats. Believe it or not, he literally sold these hats out of the trunk of his car.  The people ask and order his Hats is what made him continue.  He has been designing professionally since 2014. His fashion line is being sold online and at stores.
The material used for his clothing line are 100% cotton for T-shirt’s, leather for sneakers, acrylic and wool for hats.   The inventory includes all primary colors, white, black, red, and it is not limited to specific colors.  He can design and customize what you want in the colors you love. 
He is very involved with the community. He supports many events, including Stop the Violence,
Puerto Rican parade, and Back to School.
Mr. Malave has not forgotten were he comes from, where he grew up, therefor he is always giving back to the community by donating as needed. 





YTELL™ Brand and Movement BRONX NYC.